How to Win at Sports Betting Picks

Figuring out how to win at sports betting picks and strategies when you're losing all the time is a dream that can come true as you'll discover here.

There is more to turning consistent losses into consistent winnings than you might believe, but it can be done.

Not only can it be done, it is being done by a small, select and rather secretive group of sports bettors that are turning a regular profit from their knowledge. Do you want to know what they're doing differently to you so you can join them in making money month after month?

Sure you do!

But first, you're going to have to get out of your comfort zone and start to understand a few things about yourself, your methods and the way you apply your knowledge and intellect.

Why Nothing Seems to Work For You

nothing seems to workSo up until this point, you don't believe that you'll ever make a big profit from the way you're running your betting strategy. Are you conditioned to believe that you can never really make a lot of money by betting on sporting events? How does that work?

It works because you believe everything that you're told by all the other sports bettors you know that are losing regularly and never really making it happen for themselves. And they believe what they're telling you because they got it from all the losing bettors they talk to.

So when someone comes along and tells you that there really is a way to make a big profit from sports betting, you don't believe them. Something inside of you yells at you that it has to be some kind of scam, even if you don't even take the time to learn more about what they're telling you. But what if it isn't a scam?

How would you know that what you're being told about isn't really a once in a lifetime opportunity that can change your life? Sure there are plenty of scams out there waiting to trick you out of your money. You have to be aware of that and protect yourself by being diligent and alert to things.

But that doesn't mean you have to discount out of hand everything that comes your way.

Do Not Believe This

So now I'm telling you that there are ways to make a real profit from gambling on sportsbook featured events. But you are going to read it and then decide it can't be true. Or it sounds too good to be true, which is a popular saying that is so overused and yet so crazy when you think about it. How can anything be too good to be true?

So you do not believe it. You discount it out of hand. Not because your own reasoning mind has arrived at the conclusion through its own ability to figure things out, but because you're driven by paradigms that determine what you will do.

Hey, you probably even think that last statement is some kind of trickery to get you to believe something that you really don't believe!

But just take a step back for a moment and allow your brain to do some work for a change instead of just taking the easy route and letting the habitual process determine for you what you'll believe. Yes, that's the way you and most people operate, so don't think I'm singling you out in any way.

Paradigms Drive Us

is money evil?We are all driven by paradigms, or a collection of habits that have been with us all our lives. They determine how we do things, how we ascertain situations, how we view the world around us and literally how we think.

Here's an example. "Money is evil"

Most of us have grown up with the concept that money is evil and the people that have lots of money must by association be evil. We think that the only way people get lots of money is by taking it from the masses and hoarding it like the fictional character Scrooge.

But that concept that we harbour is not only wrong, it is not even ours. We had it drummed into us when we were young and it stuck in our minds to become what we believe is our own idea. But none of us came up with that idea at all, its just programming and if we really ever stopped to give it some thought, we'd see past the programming to the truth.

Money isn't evil, it just is. The people who misuse it for evil purposes might be evil, but the money itself is simply a form of exchange. It was created to make it easy for us humans to exchange goods or services.

Most of the world's richest people are actually the biggest philanthropists of all. Bill Gates gives away millions of dollars every year to charities and projects that help people in need. He is not alone in this either. Do some research and you'll find the list of extremely rich people that give away a huge percentage of their wealth is very long indeed.

We can break old paradigms just like we can quit biting our nails because they are only habits and habits can be broken when we decide to break them. But that's the catch. We have to decide it's what we're going to do.

Breaking Habits

People who quit smoking will often say that it was tough at first but then got easier over time. But most of the successful ones that didn't return to the habit will also tell you that they made the decision in their minds that they were going to quit long before they actually went and did it.

A drunk never becomes reformed until he decides to stop drinking.

No one else can make a person break a habit. No amount of cajoling, threatening or scaremongering ever made a single person quit smoking or drinking or doing anything that was habitual. The person had to make their decision to quit and then they went ahead and quit.

Just like these physical habits, mental ones can be broken by making the decision that you're going do it. A lifetime of believing that something is so because that's what everyone else believes can be broken down and dispersed when you decide you're going to do it.

Making a Decision

Here's an example.

Up until the 1950s it was believed that a human being could not run a mile in under four minutes. All through history there were extreme examples such as turning wild animals loose to make people run faster through terror, but it didn't work. So everybody believed it just could not be done.

Then along came Roger Bannister who decided that he could do what everybody believed could not be done. And after breaking the thing down into small parts, he went out and ran a mile in under four minutes.

That happened not just because he was a particularly talented athlete. It happened because he didn't subscribe to the mass mentality that if it was believed a thing could not be done, then it could not be done! He defied the mass mentality and through his own mental decision that he could do it, he went out and did it!

Can You Do What Everybody Believes Cannot Be Done?

So what about you? Do you still believe that the four minute mile is a myth? Of course you don't because the myth has been disproved. So do you still believe that money is evil? Decide that you can change that belief and you will.

Do you still believe that it is impossible to beat the bookies and make an ongoing, long term profit from sports betting systems? Ah, that's a tougher one, right?

But why is it tough?

Come at it from the other direction. We all know that you will never see a poor bookie because it is common knowledge that the bookies always win. Hang on there! Who decided that was going to be an incontrovertible truth?

Why the bookies did, of course!

The Bookie Always Wins

There is one sector of the gambling industry that produces gamblers that always win. I am not making this up! There really are gamblers that always, and I do mean always win. They are of course the bookmakers themselves.

Think about it, bookies are gamblers just like everyone else. They just have a major advantage over all other gamblers in that they have the means to make sure they always remain in profit no matter what the outcome of all the events they take bets on.

Bookmakers made sure they would always win overall by creating the system of odds.

It is no mistake when you look down a racing card and see different horses rated with different odds. Bookies weigh up the chances of certain horses winning the race and set the odds so that they have the greatest likelihood of coming away in profit from all the bets they take.

Occasionally, they take a big hit when the favourite wins. But while they may lose a lot of money on that race, they make it back plus some on all the races over the course of the day. They have it figured out that overall, they must end up in profit and set their odds to make that happen.

Knowing that concept can alter your perception about the whole idea of gambling. It means you don't have to lose all the time if you use your head. You can turn things around. You do that by taking a leaf from the bookies book and using their own system to beat them.

Enter the Betting Systems

You probably heard about a variety of betting systems that are supposed to help you win more than you lose. The problem with most of them is that they don't work with the bookmakers, they try to work against them. And that's why most of them fail.

The trick is to think like a bookmaker and bet with them and not against them. How do you do that, you may ask, when the bookies set the odds and call the shots?

There are a few betting systems around that are not generally known about that can gather data on current betting trends to see how a given sporting event is being backed by punters and work with the odds to produce likely winning results. They are not perfect and they do get things wrong, but the thing is that they get things right more often than they gat them wrong.

And to make a profit through gambling, you do not need to win every time. You just have to win more often than you lose!

And that's the secret. That's how some people are consistently making a profit month on month. They are betting like the bookies by playing the percentages and getting it right more often than they get it wrong.

What Are These Systems?

Now you're thinking straight. You probably realised that knowing this isn't really going to help you because to gather all the information you'd need to make sure you win more than you lose would take a monumental effort every day.

That's where you use your noggin and trade something of value to get access to that information which is of greater value than what you're trading for it. The commodity you will trade for that information is money.

But the nice thing about this is the money you give to buy into the membership that gives you access to all the information you need is less than the money you will make from using that information, meaning you will come out in profit. Even better is the fact that you don't just come out in profit once. It's all the time!

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