Betfred Offers Double Odds on French Open

The French Open is upon us and if you fancy a bet on a player you think might do well, online bookie Betfred is offering double odds to new customers!

betfred double odds french openThat's right! If you are looking to sign up with an online bookmaker that you can trust, the punters' favourite Betfred is a very good choice. That's because the brand has been around a long time, is well established and trusted by thousands of punters with their betting funds every day.

Tennis is a Great Sports Bet

For those in the know, tennis represents one of the best sports betting opportunities there is. That's because there are only two players and only one of them can win, has to win in fact because there cannot be a draw!

That means whatever the odds you get on each player, there is in truth a 50/50 chance of you making bank. This is whether you prefer to bet on the outright result of a match, or you prefer in-play bets such as who will win a set or even a game.

French Open

So who do you think will win the Men's French Open? Will Nadal continue his dominance now that he is back to his best form ever? Or will one of the other contenders rise up and steal his thunder?

The beauty of betting on tournaments like the French open, when you use an online sportsbook is that you are not limited to betting on only match outcomes. You can place in-game bets and choose to back one player for the first set and if you're feeling a little devilish, make the switch ad back the other player for the next set!

The Betfred Offer

So what is this rather incredible sounding offer of double odds that Betfred are promoting right now? Well, it is pretty simple really.

All you have to do is sign up as a new customer and make a deposit into your account (you'll need money to bet with, of course). Then claim your free £25 matched bet if you want some free money to bet with and then claim double odds on your first bet up to a maximum of £20.

As an example, say you wish to back Nadal at 11/10 (regular odds). Betfred will double the odds to 11/5 meaning is he wins, you win twice what a regular bet would win. Now I don't know about you, but I think that sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

If you want to know more about this amazing online bookmaker, please read my own detailed review here: Betfred Sports Review. If you like what you see, then do me a favour and click one of the promotional image banners on the page to head over to their official website where you can get signed up in a jiffy!

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